Bard To Broadway – Summer 2016
from D.C. (“Don”) Harper

Welcome to B2B’s 17th season of live summer theatre in the Oceanside area. Thanks to you, our audience, our seasons
continue to be resoundingly successful. This year promises to be no different. We are excited about the plays that will
be performed, and about our troupe of incredibly gifted and dedicated actors; among them are many with whom you
will be familiar, as well as some very accomplished and promising newcomers to B2B. Each production, in it’s own way,
takes us on a hilarious, and sometimes touching journey through the labyrinth of family relationships. And again, each
has benefited greatly from the generous and tireless efforts of numerous volunteers, artisans, and designers creating
the settings and working behind the scenes.

We are delighted to bring you this potpourri of fun, music, dance and general frivolity. So sit back, relax and enjoy.