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Everyone Welcome regardless of experience level. Ages 16 and up.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue. If auditioning for our musical, please prepare a short portion of a song that suits your
voice. Bring a karaoke back track (available on ITunes) or sheet music for our pianist. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared
to stay for about one hour.
If auditioning for our musical, you must be available Sunday January 21st or Sunday January 28th. Our Choreographer is ONLY
available those two Sundays and all actors cast in our musical will need to dance. If you haven’t had training don’t worry as long as
you can move to the music and can be teachable. Beginning with men each of those 
days our choreographer will see how you “move” and how “teachable” you might be for dance. Women’s choreography will follow the men.

BELIEVE US…….You won’t want to miss out on our shows this season!